About me

I’ve always had a love of animals, of which dogs were, and still are, an important part of my life. Even though we didn’t have the conditions to have a dog for most of my young life, I always found a way to be with them (let’s just say my neighbours had a free dog-walking service). 

So when finally my life had space in it for my very own dog I went in search for the perfect companion. I have looked at many different breeds, I shortened my list to the favourite ones, but for some reason I kept searching.

I always felt a special connection to wolves, so when I stumbled upon a wolfdog breed it caught my eye.

At first I was a bit reluctant, not wanting to pick a breed just because of the way they look, but the more I read about the Saarloos Wolfdog, their character and temperament, after talking to a few people and breeders, it felt like it might be just what I was looking for.

Hence my dreams came true in 2016 and a little Saarloos Wolfdog girl walked into my life and started a burning passion for this breed.


The Kennel

The kennel with the name ‘Myn Senca’ was registered in 2020.

Saarloos wolfdogs, with their special wolf-like character are like shadows to their owners. Not only metaphorically, as them being a reflection of you, but they will literally stay at your side like a shadow.

Therefore I was looking for a kennel name that would reflect this.

I wanted to use the word ‘senca’, it was one of Shayas nick-names and it means ‘shadow’ in Slovene, and then with some help from a friend, we found the word ‘Myn’ which is an old Dutch word for ‘mine/my’. 

I liked the idea of combining something from the breed’s country of origin and our home, while keeping it relevant to the breed and how I feel about it. 

So the name ‘Myn Senca’ (My Shadow) came to be.


Whitefang’s Cajushka Jolie of Angou Loup’s Mountain

The dog that was meant to be. She completely changed my life, but in a way that it was always meant to be like this. 

She has the typical shy character of the breed, and even if it took me a bit to learn how to react to and manage the behaviour, she fit into my life perfectly. She is the reason I fell in love with this breed. 

Her character is so special. She has a great calm but playful temperament, and despite the shyness she is very stable in character. She loves to have cuddles, but of course when she decides it’s time for them. My side of the bed is her favourite side of the bed, she has a cat sister called Mec, adventure is always fun as long as there are not too many people around, going on trail rides with horses is one of her favorite things to do, but a day off on the bed is also ok. Every dog is a potential new friend dog, their owners not so much. She will randomly decide that she likes someone and let them pet them in a matter of minutes, but grandma is still good only for food… but no touchies.. even if we live with her for years now. 

She is my everything, my shadow.